Cape Hatteras Sport Fishing Charters

Frog Pile is family owned and operated by a former Navy Seal, Lew Hicks and his wife Diana. The Frog Pile is a meticulously maintained professionally staffed 55' Buddy Harris Custom Carolina sport fishing machine. With our expansive 16 1/2 foot beam and over 200 square feet of deck space everyone will get a chance to join in on the action. Read more on our Charter Boat page.

Cape Hatteras is renowned worldwide for its abundant sportfishing opportunities and the shortest boat rides on the entire East Coast to the fishing grounds. Deep sea offshore sportfishing offers a chance to catch beautiful mahi, hard fighting and tasty yellowfin tuna, fiesty blackfin tuna, giant bluefin tuna, lightning fast wahoo, and majestic sailfish, white marlin and blue marlin. Also, depending on the season, our coastal inshore opportunities might include fishing for such species as red drum, striped bass, cobia, king mackerel, spanish mackerel and bluefish. Give us a call anytime to find out what is biting right now.

Captain D.M. Gray

Captain D.M. GrayMy name is D.M. Gray and I was born and raised right here in the Village of Hatteras. I first started riding along on Hatteras deep sea charter boats when I was just 12 years old. I had my first day as a mate when I was 13 and received my captains license when I was 22. Now 36 years after my first offshore trip I'm still pursuing the life on the water I love. Over the years I have a part of some amazing fishing including tournaments. I have experienced a few wins and seconds and have lots of quality experiences. If you are interested in trying your luck in a tournament please look us up. My main goal every day is to provide every angler aboard an enjoyable day on the water. We design our fishing around our customer's desires. If you tell us you want to catch mahi, tuna and wahoo that's what we will target. If you would rather spend your day chasing an elusive marlin that's what we'll do. Don't forget to bring your kids fishing. There's nothing like watching the look on the face of a youngster as he reels in his first offshore fish. It's a bonding memory that you both remember always.

  • Frog Pile running towards a beautiful Cape Hatteras sun rise.
  • Kids of all ages enjoy an Outer Banks offshore fishing charter.
  • Dolphin often follow the boat while running out to the fishing spots.
  • We enjoy taking out the entire family on our boat because big fish equals big smiles.
  • Frog Pile is a custom built sportfishing yacht with plenty of power to get to the fishing spots quickly.
  • Frog Pile releasing another Outer Banks billfish.
  • This giant Cape Hatteras tuna could not resist our baits.
  • A Cape Hatteras inshore charter can be quite an experience for the younger anglers.
  • What a great way to spend a Hatteras vacation.
  • The bridge on Frog Pile is well equipped.
  • Cape Hatteras has the best wahoo fishing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
  • Fall striped bass fishing is outstanding on the Outer Banks.
  • Beautiful under water mahi GoPro shot taken off the coast of Hatteras North Carolina.
  • Mahi are fun to catch and even better to eat.


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